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TEWS at the 14th World Meeting on Pharmaceutics: New Insights for New Business Opportunities

Last month, the 14th World Meeting on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics, and Pharmaceutical Technology took place in Vienna, marking its growing influence within the pharmaceutical industry. This annual conference, hosted each year in a different city, aims to unite professionals from academia, the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, and regulatory bodies.

Enhancing Tobacco Industry Efficiency with TEWS Moisture Measurement Systems

Discover how TEWS Moisture Measurement Systems have transformed the tobacco industry for over 50 years. Our high-precision instruments, based on microwave resonance technology, offer 100% control from incoming bales to outgoing cigarettes. Learn how TEWS solutions guarantee process efficiency and contribute to waste reduction and energy savings.

Crafting the Future of Gelatin with Precision Drying - Ventilex & TEWS

Ventilex, the global leader in drying solutions with a two-thirds market share in premium gelatin, collaborates with TEWS to pioneer an automatic control system for their dryers. TEWS's cutting-edge moisture sensors promise a new era of precision and efficiency in gelatin production.

Advanced Moisture Measurement Technology for Optimal Control in the Food Industry

In the food industry, achieving precise moisture control is crucial for maintaining quality and reducing costs. TEWS, based in Hamburg, offers cutting-edge measuring instruments using microwave technology for accurate moisture measurement. This technology provides fast and reliable results, allowing real-time integration into process systems.

Self-Ignition Risks in Hop, Alfalfa, Straw, and Hay Bales

Hops, alfalfa, straw, and hay have a relatively low ignition temperature. Oxidation in the presence of moisture and air or bacterial fermentation release heat. If the heat is unable to escape (hops, alfalfa, hay, straw etc. are good thermal insulators) and the temperature rises above the ignition point this may cause a self-ignition: A fire develops without an external ignition source.

Unlocking Excellence: The Future of Snus Quality is Here!

In a recent trial by TEWS, conducted in March 2023, exhibited the accuracy and dependability of TEWS' technology in measuring the moisture content of Snus tobacco pouches just in milliseconds. This achievement carries significant importance for tobacco/nicotine pouch manufacturers, as maintaining the optimal moisture level is crucial for ensuring top product quality and customer satisfaction.

A Chinese plasterboard company customer satisfaction survey

Discover how TEWS revolutionized the gypsum board industry in China with their cutting-edge moisture and density measurement technology, as a recent satisfaction survey reveals remarkable results.

Saving energy during the drying process: Benefits of TEWS sensors in Paper Industry

Around 20 – 30% of operating costs for the papermaking industry goes towards energy consumption. With TEWS instruments you can save evergy from 6 to 15% (according to your production level), helping you increase your output.

Quarantine in China? Not for TEWS instruments

Despite the covid restriction in China, our Chinese team went to China to visit TEWS' customers after being away for the last two years.

Saving energy during the drying process: Benefits of TEWS sensors in Food Industry.

According to, food industry consumes 30% of global energy, from which 15% is used for drying process. To save costs, increase profitability and reduce consumption, food manufacturers are driven to TEWS in-line sensors.

Saving energy during the drying process: Fluid bed dryer use-case in the Pharma Industry.

According to Centrica Business Solution, the pharma industry is currently spending more than $1 billion on energy consumption every year.

How to save energy during the drying process with TEWS

When we talk about the drying process in the industrial area, we can say this process usually consumes a high quantity of energy. About 20% of the total industrial energy consumption comes from the drying process.

The innovative generation of product-setup-tool for the measurement system

TEWS has now, since May 12, a patented tool aim to put the machine learning algorithm on something similar to a diet. This means one thing only: Efficiency, the algorithm will be providing you even more data, in a more efficient way. This translates to saving time, costs, and effort.

How to save energy with TEWS-Technology?

In nowadays industry drying processes are one of the most energy consuming stages in different fields. Nevertheless these processes are here to stay and they are a crucial part in process engineering. Meanwhile the recent rise of energy prices made an increase of up to 7 times of the costs for drying compared to last year.

Microwave technology vs. KFT - which of the two is the more efficient technology?

The moisture content in food products has an extreme influence on the quality of the product and its shelf life. Shorter drying times enable a higher throughput and avoid over-drying of the product and, hence wasting energy. To precisely measure the moisture content of a product there are several different technologies available in the market.

MW 3012: The solution for your Weight Control System on the cigarette maker and filter maker.

Do you remember how density of the tobacco rod was measured 25 years ago before TEWS invented the Microwave Density Measuring Head MW 3000? Most of us don’t, but back in those times, most cigarette makers had a radiation sign (trefoil) on its measuring head because they included a nuclear source for the Beta-Rays to measure the density/weight.

How innovation drives performance development of our equipment

At TEWS, innovation is a top priority - even where our customers and partners might not even suspect it. Many changes are not visible to the bare eye, because they are inside the device.

How our instruments can measure different tobacco blends, independent from its characteristics

Measuring density and moisture on your different cigarette blends has never been so easy. With TEWS Microwave moisture and density measuring systems you achieve accurate results even when your blends have many variations-this works online as well as in the lab.

How our Microwave Technology can Measure Moisture in Frozen Pasta

In 2020, a year dominated by Corona, sales of frozen food in supermarkets increased by 7.5%. So, what does frozen lasagne have to do with TEWS? More than you think! With our microwaves you can't heat the food (fortunately). But we measure the pre-cooked pasta before it is frozen to ensure that it always tastes great.

Measurement Moisture Increases Control.

For more than 40 years TEWS Elektronik has been supplying high precision moisture measurement systems to the tobacco industry. The ability to manage moisture in the production process helps to increase control from the incoming bale to the outgoing cigarette and is a considerable contribution to improve “Plant Efficiency”.

TEWS & Bühlers MoisturePro Moisture Control

Saving 300 000 dollars a year? This is quite simply possible - and it is achieved by combining the two unique technologies of the market leaders Bühler and Tews.

How to Visualize the Position and Amount of "Invisible" Glue on LIP-Paper

TEWS can now measure the glue lines on paper, even when they are almost invisible. Measuring these lines is necessary in order to guarantee a high quality on your products.

TEWS Technology Integrated Into Any Existing Filter Maker to Produce Highest Quality Capsule Filters for Cigarettes

TEWS, the market leader for moisture and density measurement, now offers a solution for a 100% online inspection of cigarette filter capsules.

Work Smarter With the HoloLens2 – Now Available for Rent or Purchase

How can we make work processes even more efficient? With the Microsoft HoloLens2 we now use a mixed reality device that will help us work smarter in the future.

An Innovative and Unique Approach to Measure the Moisture of Hair Switches

Our unique microwave technology is very well adapted and approved for the past 15 years by well-known R&D-Centres for the moisture measurement of hair switches.

Remote Commissioning Free of Charge during Covid-19

Travel restrictions prevent us from visiting our customers and they prevent us from commissioning our equipment at the customer's premises as usual. However, they do not prevent us from looking for ways to put the equipment into operation remotely together with the customer.

TEWS of America strengthened its team

In the current difficult times we are there for our customers in the US – even with a strengthened team.

We are still standing!

Our Response to Covid-19


Well-functioning and digitilised relationship management helps our customers achieve their goals faster. TEWS has understood. Taking into account the specific requirements of each individual industry division, we offer next-generation client services together with our key account managers.

Co-Improving™ is our idea of Consulting & Customer Driven Solutions

We are moving forward to transfer our clients ideas and our know-how into better solutions. To achieve company goals faster and drive forward innovation.

Kohler Coating Inc. and TEWS announce joint development

Kohler Coating Inc. and TEWS announce their agreement to jointly develop high performance moisture measurement and closed loop control solutions for the corrugated industry

Operational excellence in plasterboard production

Read more about how you can save time and energy and how you can implement automatic quality control in the plasterboard production process. The presentation was given by Tim Collath, our global key account manager for the chemical industry, on October 23rd, 2019 at the Global Gypsum Conference in Kuala Lumpur.

The way to perfect flatness.

Lecture by André Tews at the PTS Corrugated Board Symposium on 03. and 04.04.2019 in Dresden. The lecture deals with a core question of corrugated board production, the correct flatness. The lecture will focus on an important, if not the most important, parameter for achieving perfect flatness: the moisture content of the individual paper layers and their recording and processing in the digital factory of the future.

Tews Backs New System.

Based in Hamburg, Tews Elektronik manufactures devices for measurement moisture in leaf and cut tobacco, stems, cigarettes and cigars. The company explained its latest system to TJI, the MW 3012, which can measure 40,000 times per second ...

How to Control the Density of Fish Feed.

When fish feed is put into water, it should act in accordance with the feeding behavior of the respective fish. This means that it should either float on the surface or sink to the bottom. These characteristics largely depend on the fish feed’s density, which in turn defines the different types of fish feed:

Innovative Microwave System for Moisture Measurement.

The current development process being handled by Karsten Eisenhardt and Julia Podszuck promises considerable savings, more stable quality and greatly simplified use for machinery operators.

Accurate to the point - microwave-based moisture measurement increases productivity.

Fast and accurate measurement of the moisture content in food can save time and money. Too high or too low moisture is undesirable. This often leads to loss of quality and makes further processing of the intermediate product more difficult or even impossible. If the moisture content is known, drying times can be optimized. Improved quality and longer shelf life are the result.


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