Well-functioning and digitilised relationship management helps our customers achieve their goals faster. TEWS has understood. Taking into account the specific requirements of each individual industry division, we offer next-generation client services together with our key account managers.

The corporate website at tewsworks.com has been revised to support our clients services. Having the choice between different languages such as German, English, Spanish and Chinese, our customers find relevant information for their businesses.
Furthermore, clients find access to a login-in area to exchange data in order to simplify the operation of their measurement solutions; such as the cloud-based calibration service or process documents for download.

Chemistry, Paper & Cardboard, Pharma, Feed, Food, Tobacco or OEM Solutions?
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TEWS patented two-parameter measurement solutions enable chemical companies to work with high precise data in both ways at the same time. Data that relate to the moisture content of tobacco as well as its density. Knowing the precise weight of tobacco during the high-speed manufacturing process leads to even better results in terms of product quality and -efficiency.

Confidentiality, support on the site, solution and improvement orientation have been our “KEY” for success in the global Chemical industry. Our claim is to offer you the best process solution for moisture and density measurements.


Paper & Cardboard

The TEWS method enables paper and cardboard companies to gain high-precision data about the moisture content and density of their products. It’s a one-stop-shop without any sample preparation to optimize the whole production process in terms of cost savings and quality control.

Our solutions have been developed and designed hand-in-hand with the paper and cardboard industry and, therefore, fulfill all requirements in terms of reliability and precision.

Paper as passion. Use TEWS industry 4.0 ready solutions for co-improving with more than 50 years of experience.



The TEWS method enables pharmaceutical companies to gain high-precision data about the level of moisture content and density of their products. It’s a one-stop-shop without any sample preparation to optimize the whole production process in terms of cost savings and quality control.

"Holding this position, I have cultivated a large international network which has ensured my continued success in the pharmaceutical industry. Customer satisfaction is particularly rewarding and I am passionate about interacting in an intercultural environment.” by Carmen Diaz, Manager Pharma.


Feed / Food

Product quality and efficiency can be significantly optimized by controlling the moisture content in almost all process steps. Managing the moisture of food and its ingredients is a key factor to achieve better results. TEWS patented solutions deliver high precision results. It's what matters when it comes to company goals and how to achieve them faster.

"Selling measuring equipment for nearly 15 years now enables me to find the optimum solution for your specific needs." - by Knut Szemjonneck, Manager Food.



No matter whether leaf tobacco, cut tobacco, stems, white filters, filters with aromatic capsules, multi-segment filters, cigarettes or cigars, our high-performance solutions are simple: we provide patented microwave technique tied to passion driven services. 
“With close to 10 years in the tobacco industry, I stand ready with my knowledge and experience to partner with you in identifying key areas in your process where TEWS can assist. Let’s get started!” - Brian Hough, Manager Tobacco



OEM Solutions

We can create customized OEM solutions for your company. With our team of best-in-class-experts such as engineers, physicists, mechanical designers and chemists we bring in a wide range of knowledge.

"During the last 20 years I gained insight into a variety of industries. Take advantage of my knowledge to improve your processes." - André Tews, Managing Director


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