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Transform your production process with our innovative, patented solutions, delivering unparalleled precision in measuring residual moisture and density for your products.


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  • Are inaccurate data and sample errors due to outdated tools impacting your operations?
  • Are labor shortages and employee burnout a concern in your organization due to repetitive manual work? 
  • Is the challenge of maximizing yield while complying with global regulations becoming overwhelming?
  • Are inaccurate moisture readings from outdated tools causing production issues and affecting product quality?
  • Are rising energy prices affecting your operations, especially in relation to inefficient moisture measurement technology? 
  • Have you noticed a decline in profits without understanding the root causes, possibly linked to production inefficiencies and high energy consumption from outdated moisture measurement tools?
  • Is manual sampling for moisture measurement slowing down production in your organization?

With the TEWS Moisture and Density measurements, you can effortlessly access precise data of your products, working closely alongside the food industry to meet all the essential requirements for food-grade materials, tailored to your needs. Say goodbye to sample preparation and say hello to a streamlined production process that saves you money and ensures top-notch quality control.



savings – due to improved dryer control



faster –in the lab due to readings within milliseconds



control – of finished products like soup cubes

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It Takes Two.

Revolutionize your Food and Petfood production with TEWS' cutting-edge patented two-parameter measurement solutions. Our advanced technology empowers companies to obtain precise data on moisture content and density, simultaneously. Understanding the bulk density of your food during manufacturing guarantees superior product quality and efficiency.


  • Mass Flow and Balance Check – Accurate density information being used to assure constant filling levels e.g. in bags and to avoid overfilling or too heavy products.
  • Plant Efficiency – Fully automatic filling control of boxes and cartons up to 250 kg without manual effort.

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