TEWS High Speed Moisture Control Inline and in the Laboratory

Save Costs on your Coffee Production

Green coffee beans are having a typical moisture level of 10 – 13% when they arrive at the port. The first point of moisture measurement often takes place before the beans are stored in the warehouse. The measurement could be done in a lab, at-line or even inline to make sure that the green coffee beans can be stored for some time.

During the roasting of the coffee beans a high temperature of ~ 230 °C will be applied. The well known Maillard reaction will take place and therefore the coffee develops its typical aroma. At the same time the moisture is significantly reduced. In order to stop the roasting process at the desired level often the so-called quenching water will be applied. To assure that the legal limit of 5% moisture will not be exceeded, the roasted coffee is measured right after the cooling stage using a process measuring system.

Green coffee moisture measurement at-line or in lab


  • 100% Quality control for optimum storage

  • Non-destructive / no sample preparation

  • Save time as measuring result is available in a second

  • Typical measuring accuracy +/- 0.2 – 0.3%

Inline moisture measurement of green or roasted coffee before storage and after roaster / cooler


  • 100% quality control

  • High speed (up to 10.000 measurements/s)

  • Optimize amount of quenching water

  • Stays within legal limits

  • Typical measuring accuracy +/- 0.1 – 0.2%

Microwave Resonance

Main Advantages


Measurement of moisture and bulk density of the beans or seeds in one step. 


Penetration of the product core independent of the colour, the shape, or the origin of the beans or seeds.


Free of wear and tear, low maintenance.
Easy integration in all sort of inclined chutes or conveyors.


Independent measurement of moisture and bulk density of the beans or seeds in one step.


Return on investment*

10-12 months

*according to our experience and estimation of costs with our partners.

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