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TEWS high performance solutions help forward-thinking companies worldwide streamline their processes and transform their businesses.

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Rule the Waves.

Let your business grow profitably. With our measurement solutions featured by ruling microwave technology.

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TEWS Co-Improving.™

Moving forward to transfer our clients ideas and our know-how into better solutions. To achieve company goals faster and drive forward innovation. Co-Improving is our idea of Consulting & Customer Driven Solutions. 

An Innovative and Unique Approach to Measure the Moisture of Hair Switches

Our unique microwave technology is very well adapted and approved for the past 15 years by well-known R&D-Centres for the moisture measurement of hair switches.


PERCY™, Ideas Start Here.

PERCY is the name of the digital-led customer and partner support service, provided by TEWS. Inspired by Percy Spencer who discovered the power of microwaves. TEWS will deliver excellent customer experience scores and new areas of innovation leading to competitive advantage for all stakeholders.