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Check out one our high-performing display-, analyzing- and reporting-software TEWS Moisture View.

TEWS Moisture View.

TEWS Moisture View software has a single user interface to connect to all the measurement instruments in the new „Blueline®“ model range that connects to all the measurement instruments of the MW 4XXX-series. The Softwares` various functions have been developed over more than 50 years.

Brief Description

The TEWS Measurement Software.

Software that works for over 30 years. Easy to handle, featuring over 50 years of experience in microwave technology and the related user interface. Made for integrated touch screens without external keyboard or mouse. Simple, intuitive with build-in help function menu and more than 10 different languages. All buttons are marked with a number, icon and language description. Includes automatic calibration calculation, statistic functions, displays results graphical and numerical.

TEWS Moisture View

Technical Data.

TEWS Moisture View enables our clients to manage and operate TEWS high-performance microwave systems in a unique way.    


  • Laboratory Data – The laboratory version of TEWS Moisture View © has extended spreadsheet functions for the display of measurement results. It supports USB memory sticks and local networks for data exchange. All standard printers are also supported to enable printing straight from the screen.
  • Process Data Display – TEWS Moisture View © features an extended set of display options for measurement the moisture in process systems. The measurement system or a PC attached to it can be used to graphically display moisture, density and temperature against time. The software can also be run as an easy-to-use means of configuring the analog and digital interfaces.
  • PC and Laptop – If your measurement instrument has no monitor for operation and sensor value display, simply install TEWS Moisture View © software on a personal or laptop computer running the LINUX or Microsoft Windows® operating systems. The computer will communicate with the measurement instrument via Ethernet either in a network or via a PC link cable.
  • TEWS Moisture View Lite © – Use TMVL © for data analysis, data storage and configuration of MW 11XX-series portable moisture meters and laboratory measurement instruments. The software controls a reduced set of functions and is included in the package of these systems.
Where to use

Connectable Instruments.

TEWS Moisture View usable in the MW 4XX0 instruments:

Laboratory Instruments
MW 4300/MW 4310
Sophisticated laboratory instruments for the ambitious user.
Process Instruments
MW 4260/MW 4270 and MW 4200
Online measurement instruments for full real-time process control.
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