A Chinese plasterboard company customer satisfaction survey

Discover how TEWS revolutionized the gypsum board industry in China with their cutting-edge moisture and density measurement technology, as a recent satisfaction survey reveals remarkable results.

At TEWS, our top priority is ensuring customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we regularly conduct return visits and callbacks to gather feedback and address concerns. Recently, we reached out to a prominent gypsum board company in China, renowned for their exceptional brand. Since 2022, this esteemed company has been utilizing TEWS equipment for online moisture density testing of their gypsum boards.

TEWS: Hi Mr. X, it's been about a year since your company started using our TEWS online testing equipment. We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with our technology so far.

Mr. X: Throughout the past year, we haven't encountered any issues with TEWS equipment. Its stability and low maintenance requirements have made it a reliable instrument, significantly easing our workload. TEWS offers simple installation, effortless data transfer, and a user-friendly interface, which our electrical engineers greatly favor. By connecting TEWS to our central control system, our onsite workers can monitor moisture levels in real-time from the control room. We can make immediate adjustments to prevent the production of substandard goods if any indication of excessive dryness or moisture arises. We can even establish moisture alert lines and activate alarm modes. Both our operators and management heavily rely on TEWS measurement results, improving our company's overall efficiency.

TEWS: We appreciate your feedback, Mr. X. Have you calculated the return on investment (ROI) on your end?

Mr. X: Since implementing TEWS, the rate of substandard gypsum boards has significantly decreased. While it's difficult to determine the exact direct profit it has brought us, the long-term benefits of exceptional quality control are undeniable. Our brand reputation has improved considerably, which is our main goal. Considering the advantages TEWS has delivered thus far, we find it to be a cost-effective solution.

TEWS: Thank you for sharing that valuable insight. Prior to using TEWS equipment, were you employing any other in-line measurement solutions?

Mr. X: I have come across various traditional in-line measurement technologies for gypsum board production. Unfortunately, many of them have drawbacks such as complexity of use and high maintenance requirements. Additionally, some technologies can only measure surface moisture, lacking the ability to assess the board's core. However, TEWS allows us to measure the board's core and provides accurate moisture and density profiles. It has been a game-changer.

TEWS: Thank you for highlighting that, Mr. X. While NIR technology can only measure the surface, we utilize microwave technology. What sets us apart is our patented two-parameter technology, ensuring consistent accuracy even when switching between different plasterboards or adjusting the distance between the board and the sensor. We genuinely appreciate your feedback. Is there anything else you would like to suggest or share about our products?

Mr. X: It's unfortunate that TEWS is not widely known in China, as it is such an exceptional product. I hope TEWS can intensify its promotion efforts in our country so that more companies can benefit from this advanced technology and elevate the overall standards of the gypsum board industry in China.

TEWS: Thank you for your valuable input, Mr. X. Expanding our reach in China is indeed one of our current goals. We appreciate your time and insights today.

The success TEWS has achieved in the gypsum board industry is not coincidental. Our extensive collaboration with the world's leading gypsum board companies for over two decades has equipped us with unmatched expertise and confidence in delivering the best moisture and density measurement solutions. Our unique technology is tailor-made for the gypsum board industry, ensuring unparalleled results.

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