Quarantine in China? Not for TEWS instruments

Despite the covid restriction in China, our Chinese team went to China to visit TEWS' customers after being away for the last two years.


China is an old friend of TEWS. In 1999, Mr TEWS visited China for the first time, which started the relationship. Mr TEWS visited many Chinese Tobacco factories and did a good introducing TEWS instruments into tobacco industry. Since the year 2003, our business in China has increased dramatically, TEWS provides instruments for tobacco cutting leaves moisture measurement, tobacco makers density measurement, as well as whole bale tobacco leaves measurement. For laboratory usage, TEWS provided solutions for cigarette density profile, capsule position, cigar quality, etc.

Before Covid hit, our TEWS team travelled to China multiple times per year. However, even Covid did not stop us from presenting in China, our agents still work closely with us and help promote us to potential customers as well as in exhibitions.  

In October 2022, our Chinese-speaking commercial manager and the engineer went together to China to visit our customers. This visit covered Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Guangdong, Shandong, Hubei, Yunnan, Fujian, Liaoning, etc. The topics included tobacco leaves, cigarette filters, cigars, plasterboard, chemistry powder, glue foil, pharmaceutics, building material, coffee beans, food, animal feed, pet food, fish feed, corrugator, paper, and so on. The Chinese are famous for being warm to guests and our team at TEWS team was well welcomed as such, with the communication being very productive. New installations were carried out by TEWS engineer, new tests were done together with potential customers and new conversations were led by different parties.

In Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, we met one of our potential customers and did a technical workshop. New ideas were exchanged between the engineers on both sides, for better control of product quality, for example, both moisture and density profiles could be controlled by TEWS. And for continuous production and industrial 4.0 TEWS could support very accurate and smart solutions for quality-intensive Chinese companies.  

There are still many locations TEWS is aiming to visit in China. However, China is a big market and TEWS movements will never stop. With the more open covid regulations, with the ever-increasing powerful leading companies in different industries, we aim to make TEWS more presented in China in the future.


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