How to save energy with TEWS-Technology?

In nowadays industry drying processes are one of the most energy consuming stages in different fields. Nevertheless these processes are here to stay and they are a crucial part in process engineering. Meanwhile the recent rise of energy prices made an increase of up to 7 times of the costs for drying compared to last year.

With the example of drying corn we used this formula to define the extraction of water:

We have 10,000 kg of corn with a moisture value of 35%, our target moisture is 14.5%. This way you have to extract 2,398kg of water. A conventional continuous dryer needs approximately 1,500 Wh/kg H2O, which means you need 3,597 kWh of power for the drying process.

Very often during the drying process products get overdried and in later stages moisturized again. This is a big waste of energy, and money and bad for the company's CO2footprint.

Germany alone produced over 4 million tons of corn in 2021. Now imagine a deviation in moisture results of 1% - this would cost 22,4 million euros of electricity per year!

With TEWS-Technology it can be assured that the moisture results are constantly monitored with high precision and speed. Flawless integration of measurement data directly into the processing unit allows more control over the drying process.

In addition, many production lines do not use closed-loop control systems to monitor and optimize the drying stage, this leads to unprecise moisture results and quality variation. In the worst case, a whole batch is destroyed and it leads to waste of the product.

With TEWS moisture measuring system integrated into the drying, the process can be precisely managed while disabling the dryer just in time. Integration of moisture data in the closed-loop controller allows continuous product control.

Out of experience in different industry fields we know, that you can save energy with our measurement technology.

  • Grain production 9%
  • Pharmacy 8%
  • Plasterboard Industry 10%
  • Corrugated Cardboard 7.5%


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