MW 3012: The solution for your Weight Control System on the cigarette maker and filter maker.

Do you remember how density of the tobacco rod was measured 25 years ago before TEWS invented the Microwave Density Measuring Head MW 3000? Most of us don’t, but back in those times, most cigarette makers had a radiation sign (trefoil) on its measuring head because they included a nuclear source for the Beta-Rays to measure the density/weight.

This was not good for the people, given after a few accidents, nobody wanted to have anything to do with beta radiation anymore. That’s when TEWS came up with an instrument that doesn’t use the dangerous beta radiation and can measure even more then just the weight and profile of the cigarette rod.

We are proud to say that our current, latest generation MW 3012 can detect voids as well as non-tobacco related material (NTRM) and can ejected the corresponding cigarettes, assuring almost 100% perfect products reaching the customer.

But even more is possible, the MW 3012 can be used on cigar machines as well and can measure diameters of 4.9mm super slim cigarettes up to 14mm machine made cigars.

It can be installed on filter maker machines, detecting charcoal content, triacetin, segments and last but not least: capsule filters, which are becoming more and more important in the market. It can measure the position, misplaced, double, broken, empty and missing capsule and eject the corresponding filter, needless to say guaranteeing nearly 100% perfect production.

It was hard work and a long way to get where we are today. The TEWS 2 Parameter Measuring technology, which was a good solution right from the start but had to become faster to cope with the speed of a cigarette maker which already could easily produce 10.000 cigarettes a minute. So, the measuring speed of the lab technology of TEWS with 3 measurements per second was far too slow.

After extensive trials at Multinational Tobacco companies and huge improvements in the first years, the microwave density measuring system became the standard for the Weight Control Units on cigarette makers, replacing nearly all beta ray heads worldwide.

This meant no more hassle with all the regulations of nucleonic material, no aging of the source, less security restrictions and in addition the feature to measure in the final product cigarette the important parameter: Moisture.

Today, TEWS is the OEM manufacture for GD double rod makers, Molins, Sasib, ITM, Aiger, TMQS, Puffman, JK and many more and has delivered a couple of thousand MW 3XXX into the market.

The high-speed electronic of TEWS with 40,000 measurements per second is also the base for many other high-speed applications beside the tobacco and filter industry, like the pharmaceutical capsule and tablet production, diaper machines and so many more.


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