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In a recent trial by TEWS, conducted in March 2023, exhibited the accuracy and dependability of TEWS' technology in measuring the moisture content of Snus tobacco pouches just in milliseconds. This achievement carries significant importance for tobacco/nicotine pouch manufacturers, as maintaining the optimal moisture level is crucial for ensuring top product quality and customer satisfaction.

From a scientific perspective, the moisture content of nicotine pouches plays an important role in determining the overall quality and taste of the product. Excessive moisture can lead to an undesirable watery texture, while inadequate moisture levels of overdried pouches can result in an unpleasant flavour experience.

Viewing it through the lens of production, it also means a better quality with reliable controls, significant time-savings, and drastic reduction of waste. Reaching the optimal moisture level is of utmost importance for manufacturers to deliver a premium and consistent product to their consumers.

Throughout the trials, TEWS tested various brands of tobacco pouches, effectively showcasing the versatility and effectiveness of the microwave sensors, by achieving a standard deviation of accuracy below 0.80 for moisture levels above 40%. In contrast to conventional capacitive methods, which exhibited lower reliability for these pouches, TEWS' microwave technology consistently provided precise readings across different brands.

The animated graph above showcases the measurements obtained by TEWS microwave compared to the LOD reference method, highlighting the superior efficiency and time-saving benefits. In a matter of seconds, its possible to obtain accurate moisture readings, enabling to make timely adjustments and optimize their production processes.

The significance of these results is further underlined by the rapid growth of the nicotine pouch market. According to a study by Rutgers University, the global nicotine pouches market size reached USD 1.50 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow 35.7% from 2022 to 2030.

By surpassing the limitations of other measurement methods, TEWS has opened up opportunities for improved quality control and product development within the tobacco industry. Manufacturers can now confidently rely on TEWS' for the whole range of production: bales, leaves, cut tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, and now nicotine pouches.

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