Advanced Moisture Measurement Technology for Optimal Control in the Food Industry

In the food industry, achieving precise moisture control is crucial for maintaining quality and reducing costs. TEWS, based in Hamburg, offers cutting-edge measuring instruments using microwave technology for accurate moisture measurement. This technology provides fast and reliable results, allowing real-time integration into process systems.

Moisture Measurement for Enhanced Quality

The patented microwave resonance method developed by TEWS ensures fast and accurate moisture measurement in various food products. With up to 4,000 measurements per second, these instruments enable the integration of laboratory-level precision into real-time process control. These solutions stand out for its independence from colour, density, grain size, and surface influences, measuring not only surface moisture but also the core moisture inside the material.

Key Advantages of Microwave Resonance Method

Unlike near-infrared methods that measure only surface moisture, TEWS instruments delve into the core moisture of the material. This capability extends to products that dry superficially or are challenging to measure using conventional methods. The microwave resonance method is non-destructive, preventing damage or heating of samples. Additionally, samples can be fed into the sensor without special preparation, setting it apart from methods such as oven drying or chemical processes that require elaborate sample preparation.

Application in Food Industry

For over 50 years, TEWS solutions have played a crucial role in the food industry, offering accurate moisture measurement for a wide range of products. From flour, pasta, and cereals to oilseeds, and pet food, these instruments ensure precise moisture values. Even in industries dealing with cocoa or coffee beans, the technology proves invaluable, starting from testing input moisture during delivery to application in roasting and processing stages.

Benefits of Continuous Moisture Measurement

Knowing the moisture content throughout the production process is key to quality and cost control. TEWS solutions optimize drying times, leading to energy savings and increased productivity. Achieving an optimum water content translates to longer shelf life, improved processability, and reduced waste. The equipment's simple operation and low maintenance requirements further contribute to increased efficiency.

In conclusion, TEWS microwave resonance method sets the standard for moisture measurement in the food industry, offering a reliable, fast, and non-destructive solution for optimizing processes and ensuring product quality.


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