MW 4420

Cigarette & Filter Inspection System.

Check out our latest final quality inspection measurement solution for cigarettes and filters, the MW 4420.

The MW 4420 measurement station is ideal for controlling the quality of many different cigarettes, whether with or without filters, filter-tipped and multifilter.

Based on the microwave resonance technology, the system measures the moisture and density (Mass / weight) of tobacco and rods. What makes the solution unique is that moisture is measured independently of density (and vice versa). Moisture and density can be determined at the same time.

The test station detects moisture, weight and dense-end profile of a cigarette. In addition, the system thus is able to measure charcoal content and triacetin in cigarettes as well as NTRM (foreign bodies) and it can precisely detect the position and condition of aromatic capsules in filters or determine the different sections of a multifilter.

The integrated color touch screen and its self-explanatory user interface allow the system to accurately keep track of results in conformity with ISO 9000. The following details are read and kept: time, date, cigarette brand and make as well as minimum, maximum and average moisture and density values.

Results as mean values, standard deviation, minimum and maximum are shown graphically as an output to the screen and printer. Data can be exported to a USB memory stick for further processing by external programs such as spreadsheets. The Ethernet port allows integration into enterprise network, as appropriate.

Brief Description

Profile Measurement Instrument MW 4420.

Profile measurements of cigarettes, filters, and multi-filters. Sorting, dense end detection, cut position determination, etc. These are the buzzwords which live up to the MW 4420.

MW 4420

Technical Data.

The MW 4420 introduces you to high-performance quality inspection measurement for cigarettes and filters.


  • Electrical Power Supply: 110 - 230 V AC, 50-60 Hz
  • Ambient Temperature: 0 - 40 °C 
  • Data Interfaces: 1 x Ethernet / 3 x USB 
  • Measurement Time: 12 cigarettes per minute 
  • Cigarette Size: Max. length 144 mm, max. diameter 9 mm 
  • Data Backup: SQL database 
  • Features: Hopper with a capacity of 200 cigarettes or filter tips (depending on the format; the specification here refers to a diameter of 7.8 mm), 10.4’’ (26.4 cm) colour touchscreen
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TEWS patented measurement solution MW 4420 is used by leading companies in the tobacco industry. If you are a part of that industry please do not hesitate to come back to us with your questions.    

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