Bales & Boxes.

Check out our latest measurement solution for bales and boxes, the TEWS MW 55.

The TEWS MW 55 is an atline, stand-alone, fully automated and contactless microwave measurement system. It is designed to determine the moisture content and mass per unit area of a great variety of products already packed in boxes or processed to bales. Readings are independent of the product density. No additional weight scale or any other instrument to determine the mass of the goods is needed. If the dimension of the product to be measured is known, the density can be measured as well.

The TEWS MW 55 will be used for quality monitoring of final products or reverse process control. With 42 measurements per second, one TEWS MW 55 product scan is covering almost 80% of the material to be measured and is allowing 100% process control. The TEWS MW 55 is accessible via integrated touch screen or remotely via team-viewer. Data can be transferred to process control if connected.

Brief Description

Microwave Measurement System TEWS MW 55.

The TEWS MW 55 makes it possible to get a “glimpse” inside a closed box or the inside of large bales. Moisture and density measurements can be made on a running belt, or while running a batch.


Technical Data.

TEWS MW 55 introduces you to high-performance measurement for bales and boxes.


  • Environmental Conditions: Temperature Range (operational) 5°C.+40°C
  • Temperature Range: (Storage/Transport) -20°C.+60°C
  • Relative Humidity: max. 85% (non condensing)
  • Protection Class: IP54 inside
  • Safety Class: 1
  • Dimensions (HxBxT): 600x760x210mm
  • Weight: 40kg
  • Interfaces: USB, LAN
  • Inputs/Outputs: Digital I/O
  • Power Supply: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, max. 180W
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