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Cigarette & Filter Inspection System

The MW 4420 measurement station is ideal for controlling the quality of many different cigarettes, whether with or without filters, filter-tipped and multifilter.

The test station detects moisture, weight and dense-end profile of a cigarette. In addition, the system thus is able to measure charcoal content and triacetin in cigarettes as well as NTRM (foreign bodies) and it can precisely detect the position and condition of aromatic capsules in filters or determine the different sections of a multifilter. It was tailormade for the tobacco industry, where moisture and density are key to the quality of product.

TEWS Solutions


  • High speed (up to 75% spare time)

  • Improved quality control

  • Easy to operate, no sample preparation. Product tested can be reused afterwards

  • Data can be exported for further processing by external programs

Microwave Resonance

Main Advantages


Independent measurement of moisture and bulk density and particle size in one step.


Penetration of product core independent of color, surface, size, shape


Free of wear and tear, low maintenance.
Easy integration in the process.


Direct measurement during product flow, also under high-speed conditions.

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