End-point determination, particle size, and bulk density measurements

PAT for Automated Granulation and Drying

Automatic Determination of Target Moisture in Fluid-Bed-Processes

Monitoring the moisture throughout a fluid bed drying process enables the operator to determine the end-point of the drying process precisely without multiple interruptions and without taking several samples to the lab.

A well-known customer who is doing business on a global level calculated that with being able to turn-off the FBD precisely he would save EUR 50,000 per FBD pa and earn additional EUR 90,000 per FBD pa as he is able to increase capacity by 6 % resulting in additional 300 hours of production pa.
In the new world of continuously production (conti vs. batch) the operation without online moisture control is not advisable.

TEWS technology enables fully automatized measurements of moisture and particle size to control the whole process, without multiple interruptions and several laboratory tests. Also applicable for new conti-processes.

TEWS has developed and designed this technology in cooperation with its OEM partners from the pharmaceutical industry, to help them meet the industry requirements.



TEWS Solutions


  • Reduction of wasted batches.

  • 100 % inline control for time savings

  • Automated determination of the end of the drying process

  • Increased annual productivity

  • ATEX for dust and gas available

  • IQ/OQ documentation

  • Operating software is in-line with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements

Microwave Resonance

Main Advantages


Independent measurement of moisture and bulk density and particle size in one step.


Penetration of particle / granule core, independent of color, surface, size, shape.


Free of wear and tear, low maintenance.

Easy integration in the process.


Direct measurements inside the fluid bed dryer,

Real-time control of the batches.


Return on investment*

12 months

*according to our experience and estimation of costs with our partners.

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