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Enhancing Tobacco Industry Efficiency with TEWS Moisture Measurement Systems

Discover how TEWS Moisture Measurement Systems have transformed the tobacco industry for over 50 years. Our high-precision instruments, based on microwave resonance technology, offer 100% control from incoming bales to outgoing cigarettes. Learn how TEWS solutions guarantee process efficiency and contribute to waste reduction and energy savings.

For more than five decades, TEWS has been a leading supplier of moisture and density measurement systems to the tobacco industry. Employing microwave resonance technology, our instruments provide unparalleled independence in measuring moisture and density throughout the tobacco production process. This unique 2-parameter technology enables the precise detection of moisture, weight, and the dense-end profile of cigarettes.

TEWS Microwave Moisture Solutions in the Tobacco Industry include:

  • MW55 - In-line measurement system for green leaf and filter tow in bales and boxes, offering 100% control without the need to open boxes. The MW55 is the world's only density-independent moisture measurement system for bales and boxes.
  • MW 4260/4270 - A process instrument for leaf, cut, reconstituted, and finished tobacco, providing continuous inline measurement with up to 3,500 measurements per second. Results are unaffected by tobacco varieties and density.
  • MW 3012 - High-speed online measurement device used in cigarette makers for weight control, capable of measuring 22,000 cigarettes per minute. The MW 3012 ensures reliable, accurate, and fast measurements without the use of radioactive materials.
  • MW4420 - A multifunctional test station for final quality inspection of finished cigarettes and filters, detecting moisture, charcoal content, triacetin, weight, density, capsules, foreign bodies, and dense-end control.

TEWS moisture and density measurement solutions are renowned for significantly reducing waste and energy consumption, ensuring high-quality production, ease of operation, and delivering precise results within milliseconds. The technology measures moisture not only at the surface but also in the core, and it is non-radioactive and non-destructive.

In the words of our customers, TEWS Moisture Measurement Systems stands as a testament to continuous innovation, driving efficiency, and quality in the tobacco industry. Explore the cutting-edge solutions we have set for you with high standards for precision, reliability, and automation in tobacco processing.

Transform your tobacco processing with us! Get in touch now to start a journey of enhancement. We will be thrilled to be your partner in progress!


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