TEWS Sustainability

Our contribution to a more sustainable future, a commitment for everyone.

With TEWS, you can have up to 8% of energy savings.

We are committed to the sustainable development goals (SDG), promoted by the UN, helping the production industry grow adequately, providing benefits to society. Out of the 17 SDG's, we identify with 12 of them:


TEWS sustainability

Why is TEWS sustainable?

We contribute to a more sustainable future by manufacturing everything in our facilities, our production and suppliers are local, which contributes to the overall local economy. In addition, this also means we produce a lower carbon footprint since CO2 emissions in transportation are reduced.

We create machines with a technology that contributes to sustainability given it reduces time in production facilities of several industries such as food & feed production, chemistry, pharmaceutical, paper, wood, and tobacco. This means that not only us but also the producers generate a positive impact towards a sustainable future.