Control your plasterboards production process to improve your KPIs

Moisture and Weight per Area Measurements

Plasterboards are stocked in the warehouse after production. As they pull in a minimum moisture from the ambient humidity, the target moisture has been fixed on 0.2% after the dryer. TEWS systems deliver reliable results from an in-line installation in the conveyor belt below to passing boards. Our moisture information is transferred directly to the dryer control software. Thanks to our high-speed technology we are able to make up to 20 measurements in the width of each board which even allows eventual wet spot to be found as well as creating in this way moisture (and density) profiles of the single board. The advantages are apparent in the continuous quality control of the drywalls, the optimization of the drying process to save energy and to identify defects of the dryer and, of course, the reduction of non-conforming boards.


From raw material control, to storage monitoring, TEWS microwave resonance unique patented solutions help you get the most reliable data out of your production. TEWS instruments are industry 4.0 ready, and the data can be automatically shared in your data collection system or with your PLC.


Installation points

  • Raw material / Raw gypsum
  • Before dryer
  • After dryer


TEWS Solutions


  • Plasterboard profile: up to 100 measurements in the width of each board enabling wet isolated spot detection.

  • Avoid scrap on burnt or too wet boards, and reduce material waste

  • Fast and easy identification of defects

  • Energy savings during the drying process

  • Continuous quality control

  • CO2 emissions reduction

Microwave Resonance

Main Advantages


Measurement of moisture and bulk density or board profile in one step.


Penetration of board and material core independent of the color and thickness of the board.


Easy integration on the board conveyors

Automated switch between different calibrations according to the type of board on the line


Return on investment*

9 months

*according to our experience and estimation of costs with our partners.