About Tews

Measurably Better for Over 50 Years.

Tews was founded in Hamburg, Germany back in 1970. Today, the company is owned and managed by André Tews in the 2nd generation of leadership. As the market leader in high performance moisture and density measurement solutions, TEWS is at the center of today's business for almost 50 years, now.

TEWS helps you streamline your processes, giving you the ability to collect and use data by applying a unique patented microwave technique across your production business. When you run TEWS high performance solutions, you run measurably better. Read about our history and the latest developments of our company.


50 years of TEWS! In 1970, TEWS Elektronik was founded by Manfred Tews. Today, the company is successfully managed by André Tews.


ATDS (sister company TEWS) was founded. ATDS is a full integrated services agency that helps companies to go digital. Their mission: Creativity, innovation and technology creates the ideal recipe to produce effective results!


Introduction of mixed reality glasses for virtual commissioning.


TEWS and Cerulean: Cerulean to exclusively market TEWS laboratory microwave products to the tobacco industry.


New market segment is introduced: Paper & packaging


Publication of the patent for the control and regulation of product moisture during the processing of tobacco in the primary (first industrial processing stage).


Relaunch of new Corporate Website together with the new Corporate Claim: Measurably Better.


Tews presents its new central idea of creating value together with its employees and customers, called: Co-Improving. Registering Co-Improving as a Trade Mark.


“From 10 to 12" Sperberhorst Headquarters „rebuilding“.


Bangkok is established as new service point. Key account management expands into the industry of Pharma.


Foundation of the local subsidiary TEWS of America Corp. in Durham, USA and establishment of sales and service points for Asia in Hong Kong and Bangkok. TEWS hires third key account manager for Chemistry. 


Hong Kong is estblished as new service point. Second key account manager for Food/Feed starts work.


New Corporate Strategy „Customer Centricity“. Key account-management is introduced. First key account manager for Tobacco starts work.


Next management generation: André Tews succeeded his father as the company’s Chief Executive. Dr. Tim Richter joined the company as the Commercial Manager.


The new “Blueline” range including six different microwave measurement devices was presented.


Launch of mobile microwave moisture meters.


1,000th microwave instrument was sold.


Introduction of inline measurement using planar sensors and high-speed microwave measurement at 10,000 readings per second.


Publication of the Master patent “TEWS moisture measurement method”.


The first microwave moisture meter was sold.


Distribution of Quadra Beam NIR moisture meters
Start of the development of moisture measurement instrument based on microwave technology.


Development of the first process-control-computers for customer-specific applications in the wide field of process automation.


Foundation of TEWS Elektronik by Manfred Tews.
The first computing data printer was manufactured.