Measurement Moisture Increases Control.

For more than 40 years TEWS Elektronik has been supplying high precision moisture measurement systems to the tobacco industry. The ability to manage moisture in the production process helps to increase control from the incoming bale to the outgoing cigarette and is a considerable contribution to improve “Plant Efficiency”.


受Covid-19疫情影响,2020年超市冷冻食品的销售额增长了7.5%。冷冻意面和TEWS有什么关系呢? 比你想象的要多! 我们的微波虽然无法加热食物,但是我们在冷冻之前会对预煮好的意大利面进行水分测量,以确保在顾客食用时仍然能保持美味。

TEWS 与 Bühlers MoisturePro 强强联合


如何观察低引燃倾向(LIP)卷烟纸上"隐形 "胶水的位置和用量?




将TEWS 技术集成到任何现有的过滤机中,生产出最高质量的香烟胶囊过滤器



2020年由于疫情原因,出差和拜访客户受阻,但是我们通过Hololens2增强现实设备解决了这一难题。在HoloLens2的帮助下,我们的TEWS仪器可以实现更智能、更简单、更灵活的安装--无需我们的技术人员亲自到现场,而是通过远程增强现实沟通的方式,不仅安全可靠, 更节省了时间和金钱成本。










Well-functioning and digitilised relationship management helps our customers achieve their goals faster. TEWS has understood. Taking into account the specific requirements of each individual industry division, we offer next-generation client services together with our key account managers.

Co-Improving™ is our idea of Consulting & Customer Driven Solutions

We are moving forward to transfer our clients ideas and our know-how into better solutions. To achieve company goals faster and drive forward innovation.

Kohler Coating Inc. and TEWS announce joint development

Kohler Coating Inc. and TEWS announce their agreement to jointly develop high performance moisture measurement and closed loop control solutions for the corrugated industry

Operational excellence in plasterboard production

Read more about how you can save time and energy and how you can implement automatic quality control in the plasterboard production process. The presentation was given by Tim Collath, our global key account manager for the chemical industry, on October 23rd, 2019 at the Global Gypsum Conference in Kuala Lumpur.

The way to perfect flatness.

Lecture by André Tews at the PTS Corrugated Board Symposium on 03. and 04.04.2019 in Dresden. The lecture deals with a core question of corrugated board production, the correct flatness. The lecture will focus on an important, if not the most important, parameter for achieving perfect flatness: the moisture content of the individual paper layers and their recording and processing in the digital factory of the future.

Cerulean To Market Tews Products.

When it comes down to the perfect cigarette, quality control and moisture measurement always go hand in hand. So it is no surprise that two leaders in these fields have created a symbiosis to find better solutions for customers worldwide.

Growing Together.

Cerulean to exclusively market TEWS laboratory microwave products to the tobacco industry.

Tews Backs New System.

Based in Hamburg, Tews Elektronik manufactures devices for measurement moisture in leaf and cut tobacco, stems, cigarettes and cigars. The company explained its latest system to TJI, the MW 3012, which can measure 40,000 times per second ...

How to Control the Density of Fish Feed.

When fish feed is put into water, it should act in accordance with the feeding behavior of the respective fish. This means that it should either float on the surface or sink to the bottom. These characteristics largely depend on the fish feed’s density, which in turn defines the different types of fish feed:

Innovative Microwave System for Moisture Measurement.

The current development process being handled by Karsten Eisenhardt and Julia Podszuck promises considerable savings, more stable quality and greatly simplified use for machinery operators.

Accurate to the point - microwave-based moisture measurement increases productivity.

Fast and accurate measurement of the moisture content in food can save time and money. Too high or too low moisture is undesirable. This often leads to loss of quality and makes further processing of the intermediate product more difficult or even impossible. If the moisture content is known, drying times can be optimized. Improved quality and longer shelf life are the result.

100% Control - TEWS Moisture Measurement Systems Improve Your Plant Efficiency.

For more than 25 years TEWS Elektronik supplies high precision moisture measurement systems to the tobacco industry. The company offers a wide range of instruments for the quality control from the incoming bale to the outgoing cigarette.


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