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Moving forward to transfer our clients ideas and our know-how into better solutions. To achieve company goals faster and drive forward innovation.

Co-Improving™ is our idea of Consulting & Customer Driven Solutions.

Intellectual property and specialized know-how are becoming more and more important as a success factor for the company results of our customers.

We have understood: sharing knowledge multiplies it. Profitably for the partners. It is this core idea that motivates us to share our knowledge with our customers and to develop solutions. Solutions that make the difference for our customers. Having significant share in the success of our customers.

Let's look at your production structure together. And in a new, agile way and way exchange, attach, discuss, omit or add knowledge. From this we develop new opportunities together. Bringing them into life brings your business forward at the same time.

The basic idea of co-improving


The basic idea of Co-Improving is very simple: Trust. To get better together and help our clients achieve their business goals faster, trust is mandatory. Since we need to exchange knowledge and secrets, we are prepared to sign a non-disclosure agreement at an early stage, if required.


With Passion and Co-Creativity.

Developing simple work processes and smart solutions in partnership with our clients. Networked measurement solutions that lead to more efficiency and control of processes. To achieve this goal we need to bundle our clients' experiences together with ours. Because we are convinced that only if well-founded knowledge, practical experience and strong resources come together, better solutions will be the result. Let us start together. 


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Best Practices

See How We Turn Co-Improving™ Into Action.

Global Food Maker
Solution: Microwave With Square-Shaped Sensor

Way of use - 100% Inline density measurement of soup cubes after the pressing process to control the target weight of 4,000 mg/cube

Benefit - In order to avoid any underweight of the soup cubes they are usually produced with a slight overweight. Prior to applying microwave technology the producer overfilled the cubes by up to 5% With a correlation of 0.998 compared to a balance but with a speed of up 20.000 measurements per second we are monitoring the weight and could feed back the information to the pressing machine.
By checking the soup cubes and automatically controlling the pressing process with our microwave technology the target weight can be achieved with a higher accuracy of 0.25% (+/- 10 mg instead of +/- 25 mg before).
With a production of approx. 150.000 cubes per hour one could safe material up to 30 Kg per hour or could produce addition 7,400 cubes. Assuming a margin of EUR 0.05 per cube and a production time of 15h per day this would result in opportunity costs of EUR 5,550 per day.

Leading European Pharma Machinery Supplier
Solution: Patented 3-D Microwave Sensor

Way of use - 100% quality control of tablets and capsules

Benefit - With the 3-D Microwave Sensor it is possible to measure up to 60 tablets or capsules of various formats per second. That makes it possible to have a 100% weight control “in line” and to reject tablets or capsules which are out of specification. The accuracy of the weight measurement is comparable with traditional balances but at high speed, independent of vibrations, moisture changes, airflow, in other words: at production conditions. As 100% control in pharma production becomes more and more important this is a practical way of controlling and sorting tablets and capsules after the pressing or filling and before the next production step.

Solution: MW-T

Way of use - At the buying station in the receiving area to classify green leave bales according to the moisture level. 

Benefit - For the first time it is possible to measure and classify 100% of the received bales in real time and display the results immediately visible for the seller/farmer and buyer. After some skepticism the MW-T today is fully accepted and a reliable “referee” for both sides. It reduces discussions, avoids buying water at the price of tobacco and helps to sort and classify the bales directly and automatically at the receiving station.

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