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PERCY Explains.

TEWS Microwave Technology – Inspired by Percy Spencer, the engineer who discovered the power of microwaves, TEWS invites you to share the knowledge and excellence of microwave based measurement solutions. For a better understanding, for better results.

Brief Description

About the Micro of Microwaves.

Microwaves are used in a large variety of products from broadcast radio to gadgets used in medicine; e.g. for killing cancer cells. In general, microwaves are used in range between 300Mhz and up to 300GHz, and here mostly from 1 to 6 GHz; e.g. cell phones, WLan, Microwave oven at home. The difference is the specific frequency and the power. Cell phones use 2W, ovens 1000W and TEWS microwave less than 10mW.


Microwave Oven vs. TEWS Microwave.

In a general microwave oven, the water molecules direction is changed and the friction of the water molecules is causing heat.


The TEWS MW-Value

Through the low power of TEWS microwaves water molecules are scrutinized and detected. While those water molecules change the TEWS measuring frequency energy is absorbed from the low powered field that, in turn, is caused by the TEWS microwaves. That procedure leads to results in terms of the change of the frequency as well as the change of the amplitude.

Decisive questions can be answered with a direct impact on our client´s businesses, namely - How much water is in the product; what is the density and/or the weight of the product?

The result of the overall calculation: we call the TEWS MW-Value, defined as the density compensated or density independent moisture related value of our client´s product (in the case of the moisture measurement)


The Last Step: The Calibration.  

Calibration is the key that connects the TEWS value with the regular results in classic labs. It simply needs only a few lab results and the TEWS solution system automatically calculates the precise density and moisture value, independently and inline with the temperature given.


Universal Applicability

Measurably Better at A Glance.

Please check the survey of inline moisture measuring methods.
And see how your business runs better with our high performance solutions. A patented technique, most universally applicable. 

Comparison of Inline Moisture Measuring Methods

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