Tews. Measurably better.

Welcome to the TEWS Family.

Measurably better - As the market leader in high performance moisture and density measurement solutions, TEWS is at the center of today’s business. 

TEWS helps you streamline your processes, giving you the ability to collect and use data by using unique patented microvawe technique. Across your production business. When you run TEWS high performance solutions, you run measurably better with TEWS.


Process Instruments.

Process Instruments
MW 4260/MW 4270 and MW 4200
Online measurement instruments for full real-time process control.

Laboratory Instruments.

Laboratory Instruments
MW 4300/MW 4310
Sophisticated laboratory instruments for the ambitious user.
Laboratory Instruments
MW 1150
The measurement instrument for routine measurements in the laboratory or At-line.

Handheld Instruments.

Handhelt Instruments
MW 1100
The portable moisture meter is 
a light-weight and handy model.

High-Speed Instruments.

High-Speed Instruments
MW 3012
Is your process or your machine fast? We are faster! 40,000 measurements per second are not a problem for the MW 3012.

Transmission Instruments.

Transmission Instruments
The MW-T makes it possible for you to get a “glimpse” inside a closed box or the inside of large bales.

Profile Measurement Instruments.

Profile Measurement Instruments
MW 4420
Profile measurements of cigarettes, filters, and multi-filters. Sorting, dens-end-detection, cut-position determination, etc. in the lab.
Profile Measurement Instruments
MW 4430
Profile measurements of cigars, 
Dens-End-Detection, Cut Position determination, etc. in the lab.prof