TEWS High Speed Moisture Control Inline and in the Laboratory

Moisture Measurement Of Oilseeds

Coming fresh from the field, Soya, Rapeseed/Canola, Sunflower oil seeds moisture levels are often too high, they need to be dried and well monitored before being stored in large silos for processing. The amount of oil obtained while pressed highly depends on the moisture content of the seeds or the beans.

TEWS solutions enable fast and accurate measurements of moisture and bulk density at many different positions in the entire process. TEWS instruments are industry 4.0 ready, and the data can be integrated into your digital process control systems.


TEWS Solutions


  • Achieve optimum moisture level for storage, pressing, conditioning and extraction

  • 100% quality control

  • High speed (up to 3.500)

  • Abrasion proof and extra high temperature sensors available

  • Energy savings during the drying process

  • CO2 emissions reduction

Microwave Resonance

Main Advantages


Measurement of moisture and bulk density of the beans or seeds in one step. 


Penetration of the product core independent of the colour, the shape, or the origin of the beans or seeds.


Free of wear and tear, low maintenance.
Easy integration in all sort of inclined chutes or conveyors.


Direct measurement during product flow, also under high-speed conditions.


Return on investment*

12 months

*according to our experience and estimation of costs with our partners.

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