Growing Together.

Cerulean to exclusively market TEWS laboratory microwave products to the tobacco industry.

• Exclusive worldwide agreement between two market leaders
• Better after-sales-services and new measurement solutions for customers worldwide
• Exclusive partnership branded as “Cerulean powered by TEWS”

G.D. Spa the leading supplier of tobacco machinery and TEWS, the leading manufacturer of density and moisture measurement systems to the tobacco industry are pleased to announce that TEWS laboratory devices for the tobacco industry will be marketed exclusively worldwide through Cerulean.

Dr Steve Frankham, the MD of Cerulean states “By joining the leading supplier of microwave measurement technology and the leading supplier of tobacco test instrumentation we will be able to provide our customers with more new and exciting products, helping drive a profitable business for us all”

Mr André Tews, MD and owner of TEWS added “We see a great opportunity in the cooperation between TEWS and CERULEAN/GD for all stakeholders. By taking this step, both companies will be able to deliver better services and high performance solutions for our customers in all fields of microwave based instruments, including sales and after sales-services as well as customized product solutions worldwide.”

Cerulean, a global supplier of instrumentation and quality control equipment, is part of the Tobacco Division within COESIA group of companies comprising G.D, Molins, SASIB, Comas and Cerulean. It is headquartered in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom with a manufacturing facility located in the UK and with sales and service offices located in key markets globally. Cerulean enjoys a worldwide reputation for the supply of precision measurement systems to the Tobacco industry.

TEWS is the world market leader in the field of industrial microwave moisture and density measurement. With its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, a US- subsidiary, and service centres in Bangkok and Hong Kong TEWS develops, manufactures and distributes unique solutions for customers around the world. TEWS is a family owned company supplying end customers as well as mechanical engineering operations in the areas of food & feed, pharmaceutical, chemical and wood industries.

The TEWS range of high performance moisture and density measurement products based on the microwave principle complements of the existing Cerulean products. The new alliance will help better serve the marketplace of the two companies. TEWS will continue to work in 2 © Copyright MPRD Ltd. All rights reserved. A:2017 partnership with Cerulean to develop new products for emerging customer needs as well as developing a comprehensive market service model.

With 19 global sales and service engineers diversely located in Mexico, Brazil, USA, UK, Italy, Czech Republic, South Africa, Egypt, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea and China, Cerulean expands the global reach of the TEWS products providing local support to the product range.

This new agreement is built on the long standing commercial and technical relationship between Cerulean and TEWS stretching back more than 20 years. TEWS flagship products now being sold worldwide exclusively by Cerulean include the MW4420, MW4300, and MW1150. TEWS will continue to serve markets other than laboratory tobacco directly with products such as the online-equipment MW-T, MW3012, and MW4260.

Photo: Steve Frankham (left) and André Tews agree upon an exclusive co-operation in the laboratory tobacco business.

Cerulean to exclusively market TEWS

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