100% Control - TEWS Moisture Measurement Systems Improve Your Plant Efficiency.

For more than 25 years TEWS Elektronik supplies high precision moisture measurement systems to the tobacco industry. The company offers a wide range of instruments for the quality control from the incoming bale to the outgoing cigarette.

Based on the microwave resonance technology the systems measure the moisture and density (Mass / weight) of tobacco and rods in all product stages. What makes the solutions unique is that moisture is measured independently of density (and vice versa).

For this reason, the 2 parameter microwave resonance technology makes it possible, e.g. to detect moisture, weight and dense-end profile of a cigarette. In addition the system thus is able to measure charcoal content and triacetin in cigarette as well as NTRM (foreign bodies) and it can precisely detect the position and condition of aromatic capsules in filters.

The most commonly used TEWS Elektronik microwave resonance moisture meter models are:

Transmission-System MW-T
In-line measurement system for green leaf and filter tow in bales and boxes. 100% control of bales and boxes without opening the boxes and taking samples. Reduction of waste in the production by more than 10%. Measurements are independent of weight and density of the bales and boxes.

The MW-T is the only density-independent moisture measurement system for bales and boxes worldwide.

MW 4260
The process instrument MW 4260 for leaf, cut, reconstituted and finished tobacco.  Continuous inline measurement for processing lines in the primary. Measurement results are unaffected by the tobacco varieties and density. Up to 3,500 measurements per second can be done.

MW 3011
High-speed online measurement device MW 3011 which is used on cigarette makers as a sensor for the weight control. 22.000 cigarettes per minute can be measured. The MW 3011 is a reliable system that delivers accurate and fast measurements. The System is long-term stable and non-nucleonic.

Multifunctional test station MW 4420 for the final quality inspection of finished cigarettes and filters for detecting moisture, charcoal content and triacetin, weight and density, capsules, foreign bodies and the dense-end control. The device is e.g. able to spot the number, position and condition of capsules within a capsule filter or to determine the different sections of a Multifilter.

The TEWS Elektronik moisture and density measurement devices are especially popular because they help to reduce waste and energy significantly, assure high level of quality, are easy to operate and deliver accurate and fast results within milliseconds. The TEWS microwave technology is able to measure moisture not only at the surface but also in the core.  Measurements are independent of density, surface structure and varying colour. The measurement is non-radioactive and non-destructive.

The TEWS technology is suitable to improve plant efficiency of GLT-; Primary and Secondary Manufacturing departments.

A considerable innovation is the TEWS inline measurement system MW-T for leaf and filter tow in bales and boxes. The so-called transmission system operates contactless and mass-independently. It is highly precise, and convinced tobacco leaf processors, tobacco buying stations and not least farmers, who trust in that technology.

Unique and very innovative is as well the TEWS MW 4420 cigarette test station.

A constant development has consolidated the competitive edge of the MW 4420 cigarette test station further.

The functionality is unique. The system is capable to test cigarettes and filter rods for moisture content, charcoal content and position, capsules, its positions and condition, non tobacco related materials (NTRM) in finished cigarettes, the dense-end of cigarettes, its triacetin content fully automated.

It can be named innovative as well that the TEWS MW 4260 process measurement systems combined with a specific sensor is able to measure moisture in a process flow independent of surface structure, colour or incident sun light. The microwave field is a low power field, completely harmless but it is able to measure the core moisture of tobacco in a process flow.

MW 3011
One of the main technological challenges was the increase of the measurement speed to up to 20,000 measurements per seconds in order to be able to deliver real-time results. This challenging goal has been achieved with the innovative high-speed measurement unit MW 3011, installed in cigarette- and rod-makers in combination with a weight control system.

Author: Maxim Korolev, Russian Tobacco

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