Microwave technology vs. KFT - which of the two is the more efficient technology?

The moisture content in food products has an extreme influence on the quality of the product and its shelf life. Shorter drying times enable a higher throughput and avoid over-drying of the product and, hence wasting energy. To precisely measure the moisture content of a product there are several different technologies available in the market.

At TEWS, the focus is on innovation - which is why our sensors are always being continuously developed. If you compare a TEWS sensor from 2012 with one from 2020, you will not initially see any serious differences. Inside the instruments, however, a lot has changed - the performance parameters have changed and improved over time.

So what exactly makes our TEWS sensors so special and how do our customers benefit from this performance development?

TEWS microwave technology can be used to measure the moisture and density of, for example, paper or capsules over a certain range. Over the years, four performance parameters have emerged that we are continuously working on.

  • Long-term stability
  • Flexibility
  • Temperature resistance
  • Service Life

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